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We provide full-service architectural design, from start to finish.  From accompanying the client on visits to potential properties and shepherding projects through complex public approval processes, to representing owners' interests during the construction process, we are at your side.


It is rare to find an architect that can offer both cutting-edge, original design and professional, responsible, competent project management.  We are that architect.


In today's world, codes and regulations have become very complex.  We understand how frustrating these processes can be, but we also respect the democratic initiatives they originated from. 


We have many years of experience, not only presenting projects to community boards, but participating on them as well.  Our expertise gets your project accepted and approved by the various community groups that weigh in on these decisions.  We take care of the paper work, phone calls, conferences and presentations; your involvement can be as big or as small as you wish.


Our principal, Laurie Fisher, was one of San Diego's first LEED™ Accredited Professionals in 2003 and she is intimately familiar with sustainable design.  All our designs contain various sustainable strategies from the start; basic design elements such as orientation, roof forms, window locations and materials are instinctively responsive to the environment, sometimes without adding anything to the budget.  "Green" is simply good design, and good design doesn't have to cost more.



Our Scope of Services:
  • Residential/Commercial/Institutional architectural design and project management

  • Feasibility Studies

  • LEED™ Consulting Services

  • Unique photovoltaic array support structures

  • Sustainable strategies assessment & planning

  • Community Consensus Building & Management

  • Discretionary and ministerial permit approvals processing

  • Health Department Food Service permitting (restaurants & bars)

  • Design Workshops










Experience Gives Us the Edge
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