A total transformation was in order; the white-sided, black-shuttered, war-era cottage on Coronado Island was not at all our client's style.  The Steiners wanted sleek, green and contemporary; a design that embraced the outdoors and took advantage of the fresh Pacific climate was required.


Japanese gardens were the inspiration for the color palette. Neutral fields with a pop of color; each space has it's own relationship to the exterior.


Without adding more than 85 square feet, we were able to transform a closed-in, unremarkable house into a stunning contemporary showpiece.  Each room has its own relationship with the outdoors, and the roof was redesigned in order to use the dominant northwest breezes to cool the home, instead of mechanical equipment.


Green features include:

  • Photovoltaic Array

  • Recycled denim insulation

  • Cork flooring

  • FSC-Certified hardwood cabinets with water-based

  • Construction waste sorted and recycled; scraps used in decorative detailing

  • Concrete countertops containing fly ash and
    compressed shale

  • Xeriscape / Native planting / Synthetic Turf

  • Durable eco-resin/wood waste exterior panels

  • Steel roof: high recycled content, proprietary high
    albedo/dark color coating

  • Extensive daylighting strategies

  • Natural ventilation measures

  • Multi-zoned mini-split heating and cooling system

  • Decorative “floating” hearth that burns alcohol gel